Agent – Albinus Grammar

Albinus Grammar is an artist with a progressive approach within contemporary figurative art. He is unique in his field through his use of classic graphic techniques combined with expressive color placement on large-scale backgrounds.

His monumental prints question the everyday connection between the physical and the mental and its impact on personality and the body. This sublimation of the physical and mental is the means by which the will leaves a positive footprint in another person’s heart and soul. ‘Time does not exist’ without the proof of its impact to another space – physical or mental.

These collectable pieces are filled by transferable energy. No words, no artist presence, no explanation is needed. He feels that art piece is finished.

This is why the artist remains anonymous for now and for the future. Since Albinus believes in a naturally occurring energy transference. We can call it a superpower, karma, miracle, or simple subconscious communication. The art of communication and transfer of energy defines the techniques that Albinus chooses as his tools and media. Classic graphic techniques such as cyanotype, screen print, etching or embroidery are combined with oil painting and watercolors.

The body supports the soul, the soul feeds the mind with energy, and this harmony allows the discovery of the subconscious.

There is no need for more than is necessary. The deep natural blue of the cyanotype chemicals, pure direct color on screen prints, and the soft touch of sketched pencil lines are self-defining. There is no space for effects, and additional expression.

Albinus defines his style as ‘self expressive nature’. The expression ‘particular symbolism’ is the closest parallel for what can be seen in the exhibited pieces. The body supports the soul, the soul feeds the mind with energy, and this harmony allows the discovery of the subconscious. His life is only fully uncovered by entering a deep subconscious state.

How do you see yourself in the context of everyday situations? What affects your mood, what makes you question your physical and mental health? Where is the place you feel most natural – where you slowly die?

These art pieces can show you how to observe yourself from the ‘third perspective’. When you come across these works, you become aware of the need to face your subconscious.

That’s the message from Albinus Grammar – the nomad of art.

Our Gallery – agent has been privileged to present works by Albinus Grammar for more than a decade to audiences around the world. We are pleased to handle dozens of pieces each year by this mysterious artist.

As Albinus Grammar’s exclusive agent we cooperate with various art institutions, collectors and art trade fairs to spread the word about his delicate work.

Even after our long running cooperation the identity of Albinus is completely unknown to us. We only communicate with him by mail service to remote P.O. box addresses around the world. We are still curious about the artist’s appearance, age, history and education. We don’t even know if we will receive any future correspondence from this nomadic soul, but we are sure that great messages are hidden in each stroke of his pencil or brush.

You can discover the artist’s collection by coming to our pop-up exhibition in selected countries only. We are not allowed to present Albinus’ work online or in the media. The experience is transmitted only when time, mind and soul are in equal harmony.

The first touch with Albinus piece for last years before framing and adjustation!

Our studio is easy to be reached from Vaclav Havel airport by underground / RED LINE / stop Vltavska.