Our design studio statements

Our design studio try to support brands and producers. We deliver fresh ideas and styles, save time in pre – production and make communication easier.
Our grand rulles are:

Even if we support brands which produce abroad, we support EU production and its tradition in fashion and textile industry. We will kindly ask you to consider possibilities in europian production. It could start with one t-shirt and end up in new wave of EU manufacture.

– We are allways honest and streight in communcation.
– Stress is our enemy, so we take time and deliver in reasonable deadline.
– We travel to customers to know brand mood and faster processes.
– Our customers know brand better, so all is about cooperation – we are your partner.

– We care about our future and we know production possibilities around us.
– Social and enviromental responsibility is part of production and start in our design work.
– Enjoy our showcase in fashion development and design, now.

Identity of new fabric technology

Design of trustfull identities is one of our field in collection design. Each of great technology needs to carry catchy and solid vizual identity. Its simply branding which speaks directly to customer and inform about the value.

Clear colour sketch of garment

All designs start with B/W sketch of shapes and hood-types. There are colour combination coming after.

All over print styles

There are groups of customers which enjoy graphic design patterns on their garments. We ask our folks to execute each design and comment its streightens and weaks.

T-shirt graphic

Our t-shirt graphics are ready for production documents. We understand screen – print types and possibilities. We produce in our own screen studio in Prague.

Sport equipment garments

Most of our customers extend our cooperation to online projects and garment development. We manage production of snowboards, freestyle skis, splitboards, wakeboards, kiteboards and more for team riders and as promo items to retail stores. All boards are made in Czech republic and we require best quality from our suppliers.

New collection workbook - 3D illustrations

We help sales people to communicate new collection even before new sample arrives. This keep your customer informed. Lets be visual.

New collection workbook - 3D illustrations

We help sales people to communicate new collection even before new sample arrives. This keep your customer informed. Lets be visual.

General accessories listings

Do you operate many advanced accessories within your garments? We are focused in easy understanding accessories listings development.

Main label sorting

We set our goal to let various people in production well informed and avoid their mistakes. Well, it is tricky. Butr we offer system which help to avoid mistakes in production and stress in communication.

Print and embroiderry specification

We offer sampling of prints and embroidery applications. All of them are delivered from our print workshop in Prague. Sublimation prints, transfer prints , silkscreen, 3D embroidery and more are available techniques.

Printed applications, laser cuts, special zippers

You help to crowd feel comfortable during their performance. We help you to follow ergonometry, make easy adjustments and pick the right style for each item.

Specific stock garment design and rebranding

There is no need to start from scratch sometimes. If you pick some masters, we add your labeling, colours and specifications to rebrand MTO ( made-to-order ) products.

Label placement and more details

Lets make it easy and clear. There is possitioning for each garment to avoid ┬┤creativity ┬┤of workers. No need to comment.