Gameboys are invited to tutor in various institutions around world.

Here are presented several projects with students from Norway, Greece, Slovakia, Greece, bla, bla, bla,…

This meetings drives us to be better, while we observe endless potentials of participants.

Institutions we have served in past years:

KhiO – Academy of the arts Oslo, Norway

AHO – School of architecture Oslo, Norway

HiV – University Volda, Norway

UTB – Tomas Bata university

EASA – Europian Architecture Student Assembly Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes Greece – Time machine workshop EASA

We tutor great Architects to master creative drawing. Theme of workshop was Time machine of future of Rhores island. We end up burned from sunn and wery happy! Thank s to Europian Architecture student assembly and its members to prepare this amazing event!


Please follow this link to final presentation –

Volda, Norway – Hardworkshop drawing course

We ask master of anatomy drawing Mr. Radek Petricek to suport our drawing course in Volda – Norway. The results was extraordinary!

Academy of the fine arts Oslo ( KhiO ) – Drawing course 1

Our first drawing course for KhiO in 2012 fall semester was just beggining of nice stay and work in Norway. This pictures remind us the best characters in city.

Academy of the fine arts Oslo, Norway – Hadrworkshop drawing course No2.

Second edition with passion students was about to point out necessity of clasical education at this academy.


More information on this link.

Academy of Architecture in Oslo, Norway ( AHO ) – Drawing course 3

We have been invited to showcase our teaching technique to students from Academy of architecture. We stay there for 5 weeks time:D